POSSUM LAND & WATER DREAMING GREEN by Aboriginal Artist HEATHER KENNEDY - HEATHER KENNEDY is a well-known Aboriginal artist from Victoria.  She is well known for not only her art, but also as a designer of fashion shoes.

PALLETTE:  Multicoloured: green, blue, yellow, white

THE DESIGN: Aboriginal people used possum skin cloaks long before the arrival of Europeans in Australia.  The cloaks were used by the Aboriginal people to keep warm, to sleep under, and to carry their babies.  In design, the possum skin cloaks are made by stitching many skins together and can be compared with present day patchwork quilts.

The artists depicts her dreaming with the skilful use of Aboriginal symbolism, and the dream shows how the Possum travels on the land and water.  



    All outer fabric is 100% cotton, all inner lining is 55% Hemp, 45% Tencel 

    Filter Material: 5 layers PM 2.5 activated carbon, breathable fibre cloth