PASSION FRUIT DREAMING RED by Aboriginal Artist MARY NABARULLA  ARTIST: MARY NABARULLA is a proficient Aboriginal artist in Northern Terriotory of Australia. She inherited Passion Fruit Dreaming from her parents. 

THE DESIGN:The Aboriginal name for Passion Fruit in the Arrernte Language of Central Australia is “Merne arrutnenge” Bush passion fruit is a climbing vine with a thin stem and broad leaves that are covered in little hairs. During wet season it produces little smelly flowers that are pale purple-white. The ripe yellow fruit is very much edible. Inside the fruit, there are lot of small black seeds covered in cloud membrane. When the seeds are crushed, they taste hot and spicy. Wild passion fruit is grown abundantly on riverbanks in the desert. Nabarulla’s depiction of Passion Fruit in her artwork is bold, neat, vivid and masterly. Women are sitting around with digging sticks and *coolamon (gathering basket or tray) in a picturesque atmosphere.

*A coolamon is an Indigenous Australian carrying vessel. It is a multi-purpose shallow vessel, or dish with curved sides, ranging in length from 30–70 cm, and similar in shape to a canoe. Coolamons were traditionally used by Aboriginal women to carry water, fruits, nuts, as well as to cradle babies.



    All outer fabric is 100% cotton, all inner lining is 55% Hemp, 45% Tencel 

    Filter Material: 5 layers PM 2.5 activated carbon, breathable fibre cloth