GATHERING BY THE CREEK BURGUNDY by Aboriginal Artist Janet Long Nakamarra - JANET LONG NAKAMARRA comes from the Utopia region of central Australia.  She belongs to the Nakamarra family and speaks the Anmatyerre language.  Janet's dreaming mainly involves fire dreaming, underground water, sandy creeks, etc.THE DESIGN:  For the Aborigial people of Australia, their country is more than a place to live.  Every mountain, river, waterhole, tree, animal, etc., is a part of their 'dreaming'.  The Aboriginal dreaming is a belief that all these things were created by their ancestors who live in the five elements of nature...air, land, water, sky and fire.  Areas have different languages and also the traditions and rituals differ as well.

Aboriginal people strictly follow an unwritten law of caring for the land, animals, bush, etc., of their tribal country in order that it may be passed on in good condition to the newer generations.  A place with rock art, waterhole and wild bush is often referred to as a 'creek' where the aboriginal women gather either to find food, fetch water, or perform a ceremony or ritual.  The original artists engraved their dreaming onto the mountains and/or rocks as a message to the future generations.


  • All outer fabric is 100% cotton, all inner lining is 55% Hemp, 45% Tencel 

    Filter Material: 5 layers PM 2.5 activated carbon, breathable fibre cloth