EMU BUSH BLUE by Australian Aboriginal Artist BARBARA EGAN - BARBARA EGAN was born on the banks of the Murray River and later moved to Robinvale with her father.  In recent times Barbara has focused her art practice on her connection to Robinvale and the river surrounds.  Her artworks are shown in various art galleries and in private collections.

THE DESIGN:  Emu Bush (Eremphila) is also known as Wild Fuchsia or Turpentine Bush.  The plant is found in all states of Australia except Tasmania.  The Aboriginal people use the Emu Bush for cultural and medical purposes.  Skin complaints are treated with a mixture of emu oil and ash from the burnt bark of the plant.



    All outer fabric is 100% cotton, all inner lining is 55% Hemp, 45% Tencel 

    Filter Material: 5 layers PM 2.5 activated carbon, breathable fibre cloth.