BODY PAINTING ASH by Aboriginal Artist - JUNE BIRD JUNE BIRD, is a well known artist born in Utopia, Northern Territory, in 1958. June learned painting from her parents who were renowned artists. Her art works are sold from Northern Territory art galleries and may also be found in private art collections Worldwide. June speaks Anmatyerre, a traditional Aboriginal language. Her 'dreaming' is Bush Plum which was passed on to her by her parents.

THE DESIGN: Aboriginal body painting is an ancient traditional art that has been carried out for thousands of years. Body painting continues as a strong and vital part of contemporary Aboriginal culture where it varies from tribe to tribe. Awelye or body painting carries a deep spiritual significance and must conform to the respected historical patterns. People are not free to change the traditional designs. 


  • All outer fabric is 100% cotton, all inner lining is 55% Hemp, 45% Tencel 

    Filter Material: 5 layers PM 2.5 activated carbon, breathable fibre cloth